No-Snobbery Wine Education

Scott Jones knows wine—and he has a passion for sharing that knowledge. As an author, chef and former Executive Editor of Southern Living, Scott’s been writing and lecturing about wine for over a decade. When it comes to food and wine, his expertise and enthusiasm are unique.

But what’s different about Scott’s No-Snobbery approach? He doesn’t sell wine. He doesn’t work for a wine distributor. Scott simply shares his wine knowledge in a fun and engaging way. His comfortable, entertaining approach sidesteps fussy wine-speak, empowering audiences to enjoy and buy wine with confidence.

Sessions are tailored for the novice and aficionado alike. Whether for friends, family, your best clients or corporate functions, Scott creates an experience to remember. Want food? He partners with local chefs and caterers to provide the perfect bites for every occasion.

And don’t let the location get in the way.  Scott takes his show on the road—everywhere from lake houses to beach bungalows to hunting cabins.

Scott’s Sandbox: Corporate and Private Tastings; Team Building Events; Food & Wine Pairing; Client Entertainment; Marketing Events; Corporate Gifts; Party & Wedding Planning; Wine Country Travel Planning & Guided Tours