Client Comments

“Scott’s fabulous wine pairing seminar made our team Christmas party a huge success! He took us on a virtual tour of the world’s top wine-growing regions with his vast knowledge and expertise. We sipped and sampled and had a wonderful time. Scott is a delight and makes everyone feel comfortable with his warm, relaxed style. Regardless of the setting, he’ll make your event one that’s not to be missed!”

“Our team has used Scott to conduct several food and wine tasting events for our clients. He is great in front of a crowd, and his passion for food and wine comes through. He is very creative and is always able to come up with topics or themes that would please a diverse group. Our clients talk about his wine and recipe suggestions for months after these events, and ask us when we will be hosting another one. A great change up from the same old stuff!”

“Scott made a big impression on our group. I personally learned so much and want to learn more! We can also say that his presentation fit its articulated purpose well. I was called upon recently to pick out a white wine for the table at a business dinner.  I ordered with great confidence and the table’s overwhelmingly positive response was a testament to Scott’s talent.”

“In the span of an hour, Scott managed to turn my small group of uninitiated, wine-loving, business leaders into a group who actually knew why certain wines taste they way they do, and why we preferred one over another. And he did it by guiding us to our own discoveries, rather than by lecturing us. I learned more about wine in that hour than I have in my whole life thus far.”

“Scott makes learning about wine varietals and pairings a fun, non-intimidating experience. His unique “relaxed expert” style is sure to please whether you are planning an intimate wine tasting in your home or a large corporate function with your best clients.”

“I don’t know anything about wine, except that some taste better than others. I have been to numerous wine tastings, but no one has ever explained the different types and pairing strategies in such a fun and entertaining way as Scott. His presentation was a big hit with all of our guests.”

“I received a very special birthday present this year.  My husband surprised me with a gathering of close friend for a wine tasting with Scott. Not only did Scott choose the perfect wines for the party, but his easy-going, entertaining style made the evening even more enjoyable. My husband admittedly struggles with getting gifts for me, but this was the perfect birthday celebration. I highly recommend it.”

“Scott was an integral part of our annual Christmas party. In addition to his wine and food pairing session, Scott also created the evening’s menu. The party was a blast. We will certainly partner with him again in the future.”

“My sales team thoroughly enjoyed Scott’s No-Snobbery Wine Education seminar and tasting. They were so pleased to be in a comfortable setting where they could learn about wine and food pairing strategies while breaking bread with their colleagues. Scott has a real gift for sharing his knowledge in such an entertaining way.”

“Scott has a fantastic grasp of the worlds of wine and beer that compliments his deep culinary knowledge. Scott’s fluency with historical and cultural facts about growing regions, styles, and producers allows him to connect well with a knowledgeable audience, or with those who simply want to learn a little about all of the wonderful things they could be enjoying alongside their food. His recent presentation to our group included a fair number of both types, all of whom enjoyed Scott’s conversational give-and-take as much as they did the wines and small plate pairings that he had chosen for the evening.”

“Scott knows how to communicate his passion for wine and food in a non-threatening, fun environment. His ability to help you understand and appreciate wine, regardless of your budget, is amazing. He would be a fantastic host for a social event, whether for business or pleasure, where wine and food are part of the venue.”