Meet the Chaiyry Family: Neverthirst Update

No-Snobbery Wine Education is what Jones Is Thirsty does, but we also exist to help fight true thirst.

That’s why, earlier this year, we made NEVERTHIRST our charitable partner.


Neverthirst’s mission is simple: Provide clean and living water to the poor through the local church. But their aim is much higher. Neverthirst seeks to change the lives of people on both sides of this transaction. Neverthirst currently has projects in India, Central African Republic, Cambodia and Sudan.

Our first project was to fund a rainwater collection tank for a Cambodian family. With the generous donations of many, we funded that project this past May.

As a donor incentive, I gave away a Jones Is Thirsty tasting for six, including wine. The lucky winners, randomly chosen by Neverthirst, were Darron and Eliana Burke of Miami, FL.

The tank, destined For the Chaiyry family in the Cambodia village of Somrong K’er, was delivered and installed in October. The 4000-liter household rainwater tank serves their family of 10.

I wanted to say THANK YOU! to those who contributed and share a picture of Bren ChaiyRy with three of his sons. Also, below is a little info about the Cambodian Arsenic Project + the ChaiyRy family’s installation report.


Bren Chaiyry with three of his sons.


We’re now focusing our attention on providing a clean water drinking well for an entire Cambodia village—a MUCH bigger goal, but one that I’m certain we can reach together! This time around the donor incentive is 2 free Jones Is Thirsty tastings for six, including wine—so 2 winners this time.



Cambodia Arsenic Project Household Report

The Country

Cambodia is located in South East Asia, and is bordered by Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. During the early and mid 1900’s Cambodia was one of the most progressive countries in south-east Asia. During the civil war, it is estimated that close to 2 million Cambodians were killed by the Khmer Rouge regime during the 4 year reign of terror from 1975 to 1979. The Khmer Rouge regime left the nation in ruins and the country has struggled to recover. The Cambodian people are survivors, and today the people still face numerous challenges, however it is a nation that is growing and moving from its dark past into a new future.

The Church

Christianity has only been present in Cambodia since 1923, and by 1970 there were only 700 known believers. Many of these believers died as martyrs during the Pol Pot regime from 1975-1979. The 2010 survey of Evangelical Christianity and Churches in Cambodia conducted by Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia found that in the 14,073 villages in Cambodia only 1,876 villages have at least one local church. That leaves 12,197 villages without a local church. The villages are widely un-evangelized with less than 1-2% of Cambodians being Christians.


In Cambodia, groundwater can be contaminated with lethal amounts of arsenic. Sadly, Arsenic does not have a taste or smell and many thousands of Cambodians have been and continue to drink unsuspectingly, from this unsafe source of water. The health impacts of prolonged consumption of arsenic contaminated water can include thickening and discoloration of the skin, vomiting; diarrhea; numbness in hands and feet; partial paralysis; and blindness. Arsenic has been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver and prostate. The project is working in villages in Kandal province near the Mekong River. Testing of the water wells in these villages found arsenic levels of over 1000 parts per billion(world standard being 30 ppb and over 100 ppb being associated with diseases such as cancer). Hundreds of families are still drinking arsenic contaminated water due to limited or no safe alternatives.

The project focuses on awareness raising and educating families on the risks of drinking from contaminated water wells, with a goal of changing behavior. Families are given the option of contributing to the cost of a 4000 liter rain tank. Rainwater is a improved water source that is readily available at the home, and is a better option compared to arsenic contaminated wells; surface water(contamination, distance) or buying water from a vendor(quality and cost). The project also has a desire to share the gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ. Our local partner teaches health lessons in the villages once a week, and invite people to join for a weekly bible lesson to begin to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. Your support, contributes to the cost of community education and construction and installation of rainwater tanks and household water filters. Thank you for your partnership in making this proje ct possible!


Date report sent to Donor
1.1 Date Submitted
1.2 Contract number
1.3 Village Name
Somrong K’er
1.4 GPS
1.5 Project Completed
Installed 4000l household rainwater tank
1.6 Name: First / Last
Bren ChaiyRy
1.7 Total number of people living in the home
1.8 What was your 2 main sources for drinking water before the tank in dry season? Pick only 2 options
another tube well or hand pump, Buy water from cart / vendor
1.9 How does the Rain tank now help your family?
My family and I don’t need to drink from the contaminated well. The rain tank is better for our health, and the rain tank means that I now spend less time collecting water from the river or well
2.2 What contribution did the family make to the project? (list the amount of $ the family paid)
2.3 Why did you choose to get a rain water tank?
I have learned that our hand pump contains arsenic and that is dangerous for my families health
Other reason for choosing to get a rain water tank
Have a lot water to use during dry season
2.4 Report Completed By: (First / Last Name)


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