Passions for wine, fun lead to educational startups

By Jim Myers, The Tennessean (@ReadJimMyers); 6/6/15

Scott Jones isn’t afraid to turn wine on its head, or on his own head for that matter.

His genuine passion and enthusiasm for wine has helped him grow his startup, Jones Is Thirsty, into a successful consulting and wine education company.

This isn’t some mindless cheerleader though. Jones uses his experience working for Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney in Hollywood, to craft thoughtful and deliberate programs to help people learn about wine while having fun in an environment that has long been the domain of grape snobs.

Custom-designed for groups as small as a few old college friends wanting to try something different, to large, corporate clients like North Highland Consulting in Nashville, Jones Is Thirsty is filling an expanding niche for education-oriented entertainment as a value-added experience.

This isn’t exactly a new business model. Efforts to decant wine education, in an attempt to remove the residue of pretension, have been going on for a while now, but Jones sees room for growth.