Running To Water

Lord willing, I’ll line up for the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 2nd.

No-Snobbery Wine Education is what Jones Is Thirsty does, but we also exist to help fight true thirst for the over 780 million people around the world who still lack access to safe drinking water. That’s why we’re so excited to partner with Birmingham-based Neverthirst.


Neverthirst’s mission is simple: Provide clean and living water to the poor through the local church. But their aim is much higher. Neverthirst seeks to change the lives of people on both sides of this transaction.

Neverthirst currently has projects in India, Cambodia, South Sudan, and Sudan.

To continue our efforts, I’ve launched the “Running To Water” campaign as a fundraising element to go along with my race.

“Running to Water” is my effort build a well for an entire Cambodian village.

Please consider donating $1 for each of the 26 miles (plus that pesky .2 mile) I will run in NY.


In the meantime, I can be found running through the Birmingham ‘burbs honing my lactic threshold and metabolic efficiency in preparation for the race.

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